Our pimp cups are made of glass and the finest crystals and rhinestones. We take pride in the quality of
our pimp cups. The styles of pimp cups change frequently. Be sure to check our site often!
"World Class" pimp cups 16 oz
These cups are for
international playas. No
introductions needed. Up to  8
letters included.
"Showtime " pimp cups   23 oz.
With this pimp cup, its "Lights,
Camera, Action!
Includes up to 5 big block or
10 single block letters
"Gangsta" pimp cup   15oz
For the "G" who  likes to have
it his way. Choose one or two
colors. Up to 6 letters
"It's All Good" pimp cup  15 oz.
When everything in the hood   
    is all good        
Up to 5 letters included
"Big Pimpin"  pimp cup  23 oz
Classic brandy snifter holds
23  oz. of a playa's favorite
cognac. Up to 5 letters
"H.U.S.T.L.E.R" pimp cup   16 oz.
Get on your grid....Hustle til ya die
Up to 5 letters included
"Keepin It Real" pimp cup 23 oz
For the Playa who is keepin it
real, keepin it right, keepin it
true and keepin it tight.  up to
8 letters included
"Playa Playa" pimp cup   15 oz.
This pimp cup is for the playa
that's playin just to  play........
Up to 5 letters included
slim pimp cup
"Slim" pimp cup   16 oz.
Honey's are drawn to this
sleek design.
*Note: Ice not magnetized
Up to 4 letters included
"Big Balla" pimp cup  23oz
For the Balla looking for a
completely customized  cup.
Choose  up to two colors.
up to12 letters included
"ICED OUT FLASK " pimp cup  8oz
Be the first on your block to sport
This stainless 8oz.  flaskis one of
the hottest items on the streets.    
2 large initials included
New "SWAG" pimp cup   23 oz.
Carry yourself with style
Carry yourself with confidence
Carry your Swag cup wherever
you go.
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Pimp Cups!
Special Cup
~Rush Service
*Order guaranteed
to ship in 7 days.
"Bling-Bling" pimp cup 15 oz.
Warning: There's so much ice
 on this glass,, momentary
eye adjustment necessary.
Up to 8 letters included.
"Original "pimp cup      23 oz.
You may be asked for your
autograph with this rap video
inspired design.
Up to 5 letters included.
Pimp Cups!
Pimp Cups!
* Color choice: Black, Green, Gold, Red, Platinum, Pewter, Purple ,
Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Pink, Teal, Orange, Yellow and White. When
ordering please note color choice and letter customization in the
message box. Any questions email
questions@customcups.net or
call 407-908-3108
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